Case Study: Create an NFT collection fast and efficiently

Question: How would one create NFT art the fastest way possible?
Answer: AI, of course

Let’s say we we wanted to launch a collectible series about Internet Cats, and we want to create 500 unique cats by tonight. Possible? Yes, possible. Changing the background is one click. Making them wear an endless number of silly hats or drinking coffee is another click. It’s like magic.

Graydient’s AI models are already content-aware of so many different subject matter, it would take thousands of people and countless hours to reproduce what we could quickly prototype in five minutes flat. And really, that’s the main thing to keep in mind. We’re your superpower to prototype anything.

We provide three levels to jump from: building your own AI model, starting from commercially permissioned public models, and shorthand aesthetic descriptions that we simply call ‘styles’. For example, low polygonal.

And in 30 seconds:

Seed your own original art, and remix variations

A common misconception about AI is that it inherently plagiarizes, when the AI (process/system) and the AI model (training data) are two different things. Graydient allows creators to opt-in and curate what images go into the training data, to arrive at entirely permissioned and ethically sound works of art. So back to the cat, maybe we just want a symmetrical portrait, but also in a tuxedo, and with a splash of red, not an entire red cat.

Seed your own original art, and remix variations

Launching your own AI generator can either be a whole solution or a superpower that gives the NFT creator a rapid-fire arsenal of ideas, blueprints, rough drafts, and unexpected imaginative sparks to arrive at the final solution. Maybe we want a red scarf and green eyes instead. And there we are instantly.

This quick prototype can then sharpened and blown up into a high resolution 4K image, imported into a 3D model, and become an animated video game character in fewer steps and less time than you might think. But we’ll save that for another blog.

Get your NFT creative juices flowing

A creator can draw inspiration from premade visual concepts by Graydient’s community of creators — over 1,000 profiles are already using this service everyday. You can browse what some have created by concept type.

Graydient had the pleasure of working with such a client recently on an Algorand limited NFT collection. This collaboration was recent and confidential, so here we’ll provide a general information until we’re more at liberty to discuss it and show you our new studio creation experience.

How to take your art and mint it for sale

We recommend using the PRO version of PirateDiffusion to upscale your art at the highest resolution, saving your editions locally, then minting them on services like OpenSea, and Magic Eden. Graydient is not in the NFT publishing business, but we can refer you to a trusted integrator.

For developers, its possible to integrate Graydient API with a service like Manifold API or NFT-inator to build your own one-step create and mint application, so your clients can mint right from your art gallery.

What will you create?


Create iconic art, high art, crazy art, it’s up to you. Browse more art styles

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