Learn how to use AI with Graydient

Get inspired.

  • Start a chat with an AI bot
  • Create realistic photos or artwork
  • Bring your face into AI images
  • Design images, logos, stickers
  • Run your own Bot or AI website
  • Accept credit cards & Paypal
  • Add a few lines to run AI models
  • No boot time, over 5000 models
  • Load Comfy UI nodes & workflows

AI for all skill levels - Try our Products

PollyGPT is the best way to start using Graydient’s many capabilities. 

If you’re new to AI, start here. Chat with Polly, a sassy AI parrot that can also create and talk about images. For more control, graduate to Stable2go (below).

What can Polly do?

  • Talk about anything
  • Remember conversation context
  • Create stunning images
  • Write prompts, understand images
  • You can create a custom Polly

Stable2go is a powerful web-based image generator.

Use the full power of Stable Diffusion AI image models from any device. Even your ten year old phone and laptop can create HD images in seconds.

What will you create?

  • High resolution AI art
  • The top Stable Diffusion models
  • No boot time or per-credit fees
  • Paint anything on or off images
  • See full capabilities below
Quick video: Introduction to making images

Pirate Diffusion is a our social network for Stable Diffusion enthusiasts, exclusively on Telegram

Comparable to Midjourney – a powerful bot with 15,000+ groups of talented creators!

AI over… Telegram?

  • Ridiculously featureful and fast
  • Try our full API as chat commands
  • Polly’s there too, use /polly
  • Hand off editing to Stable2go
  • Full list of capabilities
Casual Fridays: It's the Pirate Diffusion Show

LoRaMaker is a web AI model trainer for Stable2go & PirateDiffusion 

Upload and tag your photos and generate AI models within minutes. Create a likeness of yourself and render in any style immediately.

Basics of model training:

  • Upload your own images
  • Describe each image (tagging)
  • Build a model in minutes
  • Test, repeat, optimize quality
  • Use your models in S2G & PD

Graydient Cloud provides unified storage for all of your activities 

You can create in Polly, Stable2go, or Telegram and it all lives on your Cloud Drive.  Keeps your prompts, custom fine-tuned models, and images tidy.

What can Cloud do?

  • Access all of your creations on all of your devices
  • Search and tag your images conveniently
  • Save space, locally.  Disaster recovery: Your files are safe
  • Create in any app and resume from any app
  • Create project folders, bulk move and delete files

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Created in 4.2 seconds with Graydient | Model: realvis4light-xl