Generative Images

New Product Launch: Train your own Image models with LoraMaker

We’re thrilled to announce – a brand new way to create your own custom image models right from your browser or via the Graydient API within minutes, not hours or days. This service is available today and is free … Read More

New VAE, HDR, and Latent Space controls added

For the discerning AI images creators that want more control, we are happy to bring you FreeU, Vass HDR color and composition correction, and a large collection of VAE that can be set at run time. Additionally, we have evaluated … Read More

Stable Diffusion XL models are here! ✨

You can try Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) right now from your browser or Telegram from — SDXL works across all of our apps as well as through our API. We’ve also secured additional hardware to account for the extended … Read More

API V3: Over 5,000 fine-tuned generative models on demand

We’ve updated our V3 documents to support new activities Check our the V3 Documentation site No hidden fees. No penalties. No contracts. Graydient Platform hosts the very best Open Source LLM and Generative Image models from Stable Diffusion, in addition … Read More