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LLM Text Generators
Personal plans include unlimited LLM chats, for fun and coding assistance. We also offer Business & API plans

Llama 3 – 70 Billion Parameter by Meta is a large language model that can really hold a conversation. It’s the most popular LLM on Graydient. Try it on Polly

Mixtral 8x22B by Mistral has a 64k context window, is an excellent coding assistant, and speaks French, English, Italian, German, and Spanish. (API Only)

Airoboros 70B by Jon Durbin was the leading “spicy” choice last year, generating results at nearly the quality of Chat GPT 3.5, trained partially on its data. (API Only)

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Graydient supports indie model creators. Contact us for sponsorship opportunities and/or computing grants

Realistic Vision SDXL V4 Lightning by SG161222 is an impressive model that creates stunning realistic images within seconds.Try it on Stable2go

Pony Diffusion 6 by Astralite Heart is not just for making great ponies and anime. This SDXL fine-tune has superior prompt adherence and is terrific with LoRAs, too.

AiToon 3D V4 by Prompt Sharing Samaritan is one of our favorite 3D models, perfect for creating caricatures, gaming assets, cartoons and more. 

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