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Reduce your costs and launch faster with a prebuilt hosted white-label template, and extend it with our api

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Ready to go image generation website

Found a niche audience for AI? Get to market faster – validate your idea and start making sales with Graydient turnkey sites. 


  • Launch in days, fully hosted solution
  • Text, Images, and Ai Bot templates available
  • Style it your way: Your logo, edit css, mod rules
  • Your customers can create images, chat with bots
  • You can charge by the token, by the package
  • Offer free trials with custom watermarks
  • Curate your Stable Diffusion Model library
  • Distribute & Protect your own Fine-Tunes
  • Create exclusivity: Become your own API
  • Import & Deploy Comfy UI nodes/workflows
  • Widgets: Free text input (or) Preset buttons only
  • CCbill, Patreon, Chargebee, and Paypal integration
  • Clerk Integration (login with Google, Discord, etc)
  • Optional merchant account assistance
  • Easily migrate to custom UX later, same API, same data
  • NSFW OK if compliant with CCbill guidelines
  • True white label, no Graydient branding
  • One time setup cost – contact us

Custom Private Model

(Limited Availability, Not available on all regions)

For Enterprise Clients Only: Our team machine learning specialists will fine-tune and tag thousands of images to create a high-quality flexible model, meeting or exceeding industry standards.


  • Image or Text Models
  • Work one-on-one with a leading ML expert
  • Cloud hosted cataloging and auditing
  • Versioning, Private API
  • Batch client simulation
  • Cost based on project complexity, contact us

Content Safety

Your first line of defense. Reduce content moderation costs and support your team with automated smart monitoring of photos and images at scale


  • Scan every image, new accounts, or random audit
  • Risk score – you control your threshold
  • Block keywords in 50 languages
  • Replace names & brands with accurate descriptions
  • Computer vision: describe images
  • Age, Nudity detection
  • SPM integration (extra)
  • Integrated dashboard
  • Just 0.01 per request, only use what you need

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Graydient was extremely helpful through the development phase and we're up and running already, much appreciated

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I made so many sales by week two, with no development cost, so this worked out perfectly. And now I'm back for V2

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