Try our vastly improved WebUI, reimagined from the ground up

Photo of a man standing in a detailed industrial complex

Try our new unified editor!

We heard you. Your top 3 most requested features were: (1) a web interface that does not reload when images are created, (2) displays large images in high resolution on desktop and (3) and allows the quick editing of prompts without changing the page — so we built it! It’s done and out today, you can start using it right now from your MyGraydient dashboard.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to access it

What’s new: Longer Prompt Weights are now supported, LCM for low guidance and low step images, and ton of new models including rapid-fire Lighting models. Over 5,000 of the most popular Checkpoints, Loras, Embeddings, and more are waiting for you. Try it today!

Telegram users, reply to an image with /unified

Get 2 months free, 15% off annual plans

For a limited time, we’re offering our lowest price on unlimited AI to all of like fast unlimited Stable Diffusion on all of your devices, from $14/mo prepaid available only from our new website. We now accept Paypal as well:

A bigger model selection preinstalled

We’re hosting ~5,000 of the world’s best AI models on-demand available across all of our applications. Whether you’re creating high res art in the browser of face swapping your friend’s faces in a Telegram group chat, you can access an incredible range of art styles. Find it My.Graydient > My Models

Polly GPT 2.0 is here

For the uninitiated, we trained our own LLM on Stable Diffusion image commands called Polly GPT, and it just received a massive speed and image quality boost.  You can now generate stunning images in your Web Browser (from your new dashboard linked above) or via Telegram group chats with the /polly command, and returns SDXL high quality renders under 8 seconds per image!  Please check the video to see how it works.

You can also use the hidden other mode: /polly /raw to talk about anything in the universe. The next version of Polly will allow you to train your own LLM, look for that shortly.

Everything else