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General Inquiries


For faster service, login to My.Graydient and click VIP.

We’re online everyday from 11am – 5am ET. Not a typo, we’re mutants.

Please don’t be shy, we’ll also help you write better prompts.


Pre-Sales and Business

You chat with us on Telegram or email us 


Developer Support

Come hang: We’ve created a REST API portal and there’s also dedicated API group chat, hop in.

Account Issues

Activation issues or prompt was blocked

Login to My.Graydient first. Click on your avatar, and make sure your email matches your receipt. If the error appeared on Telegram, click the Bot Setup icon and follow the instructions.  If that didn’t work, please the VIP chat icon and we’ll fix it asap.

Can I use these images for my website?

Absolutely. Use any of our images, royalty free.

Do I need to give credit or attribution to your website when using images?

No attribution or credit is required, but we do appreciate links back to Graydient, thanks!

How can I make my images higher resolution?

Please click the product that you’re using and try the lessons on Upscaling, Size/Resolution, Recipes and Negative Inversions. These are easy to use and will make a dramatic difference. You can go further by learning HDR correction, After Detailer, Inpainting, and more. We have an arsenal of tools to fix issues.

If your images still do not look amazing, please chat with our support team, we will help you with your prompt. Our contact information is at the top of this page. 

Are the images / prompts “Unique to me” ?

When you train your own models from your own pictures, and don’t share your models and protect your data, the resulting images are uniquely yours. It would be extremely difficult for someone else to train the same model with the same data set and arrive at the exact same picture. Login to LoraMaker on your My.Graydient dashboard to work on this. Otherwise, when using shared models, the generated images can be coincidentally recreated by anyone in the community.

How do I cancel a free trial or membership?

Login to MyGraydient and click your avatar and scroll down to subscriptions. It’s self-service.

What’s your refund policy? How can I request a refund?

If you’re not happy for whatever reason during or immediately after the trial, even if you go over by a day, we’ll refund you within 7 days. If you have not logged into your account and never made images, such as the case where you forgot you had an account, we will of course refund you up to 60 days (2 months refundable). Please submit a request. Refunds within the US typically require 4-5 business days, so if it was requested on a Friday, it may require a full week. International refunds typically take twice as long, because banks are awful. We’ll expedite your refunds any way we can, we’re good for it.

I can’t subscribe or my account is blocked

Please contact us if you feel this was made in error. Accounts that have created images against our terms of use or started multiple trial accounts will be permanently blacklisted. 

Do you have an API?

Yes! We offer premade hosted website business templates as well as a full Platform API

Something else? 

If the product is not shown, it may be a user-created community that is powered by Graydient Platform or an API client. We work with many kinds of creators that have customized additional software on top of Graydient products, so this may not be the right support site for you.

Please check that community’s website first, or chat with us and we’ll point you in the right direction.