New Product Launch: Train your own Image models with LoraMaker

We’re thrilled to announce – a brand new way to create your own custom image models right from your browser or via the Graydient API within minutes, not hours or days. This service is available today and is free for all Graydient PLUS members with unlimited training credits. To begin, login via

LoRaMaker provides an easy interface or submit the images via our REST API to distribute mini Generative Image LoRA models in your application. The model is instantly usable in our Stable2go and PirateDiffusion image creation applications, there’s nothing to download or configure, and there are no limits on how often the images can be used. This is a stark departure from competing services that ding and tax users for every photo set. Additionally, the training data can be tagged and optimized to improve the model over time.  Check the support website for best practices on training a Stable Diffusion model

Use cases:

  • Train faces and generate professional headshots or creative social media images
  • Game designers: create persistent characters in every prompt
  • Brands and Agencies: Create your own influencers, realistic virtual models