Case Study: On-demand AI images at physical events

Use case: Real-time, Text-to-Art Interactive Exhibit
Event: Art Basel Miami 2022 @ Black Dove Gallery
Integrator: Nibbl
Solution: Graydient API

Miami is truly in bloom in winter. While a great part of the United States is locked in the tyranny of frost, Floridians are happily mowing their lawns and wearing skimpy sandals to art galleries. Art Basel is one of the crowning events of Miami’s peak fall-winter season. Artists from around the world descend upon their scenic beaches and Wynwood art district, one of which hosted the first public demonstration of the Graydient API. 

Graydient AI was tasked to power an interactive visual art system for use by the public, which was on display at Black Dove Gallery at 2119 NW 2nd Avenue during Art Basel 2022 for a five-day exhibition.

A “magic painting”, if you will:

How it worked

A full-screen web application challenged unsuspecting visitors to SMS (text) a completely original idea for a painting, not restricted by words or topics. Describe anything, and watch a painting appear. A local number to send the text is positioned at eye level, and the last text appears over the image, helping to explain what they’re about to experience. It all happens very fast, within seconds, almost in real-time.

Such integrations can run on any web-enabled television or projector without specialized hardware or local computing processing power, or mounting a palm-sized internet appliance that can be fastened securely behind the display, like an Apple TV. In a loud environment, text is preferable, but voice-to-image can also be enabled.


People of all ages got in on the action. The curious and the skeptical took on the task, and everyone was blown away by the results. Hundreds images were created, and those images were later put into rotation, awaiting the next challenger. The application had cross-generation, cross-cultural appeal. 

We believe this was a success because there’s nothing to learn or install, and the system responded in seconds, long enough to appreciate when a new image appeared but not long enough to be bored by it. Having a large matte display (Samsung Frame) also made the output more impressive.

The ease of use, element of surprise, and the competitive aspect of trying to create something cooler than the last person, made it an instant hit, attracting a crowd in no time.

Pictured: A spontaneous prompt from the gallery exhibit on opening night. The event marks one of the first uses of multiplayer on-demand Generative AI at Art Basel Miami, allowing the patrons to instantly become the creators.

“People were very impressed, they were laughing, and I kept freaking out. They kept trying to stump it. I was surprised.”
-Christine, a guest at the show


  • Surprise walk-in customers with an interactive art display
  • Small footprint, delivery to any device over the web
  • Register phone numbers or emails, passive signups (QR)
  • Watermarked results delivered to mobile for social media sharing
  • Get a better understanding of your customers’ interests
  • Can be integrated with existing applications
  • Turnkey moderation on both ends: reject words, filter outcomes
  • Trainable AI can lock outcomes to specific topics and aesthetics
  • Low maintenance / Remote support on-demand
  • Service Level Agreement / Uptime guarantee
  • Effortlessly scales to suit project size


Graydient‘s API is a cloud service, a network of specialized GPUs with fallback, allows anyone to deliver this experience anywhere in the world without the use of expensive hardware. Event planners can work with local developers like Nibbl & Text2Art in their area to complete the ideal solution. Bring interactive art to eateries, bars, live concerts, or AI-enable an existing projector, tablet, television, or mobile device.

Developers can use the Graydient API to power an application over SMS, QR, Telegram, Slack, WordPress, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, or work with Graydient to deploy the full solution with a local integrator.

Developers: Contact Graydient today and power your application with AI images with a complete rendering, delivery, and content moderation solution.

We’d like to thank a huge thanks to Ben from Nibbl + for providing the SMS gateway and Node.js application.  To setup a physical art installation similar to this in the South Florida area, [email protected]