Gallery: Thanksgiving AI render winners and runner ups announced

Back in November, we challenged the Internet to render a Thanksgiving image for cash, fortune, and fame. Creators from the Pirate Diffusion Telegram community, subreddit, and Twitter came out in full force and submitted 1,692 images! Judging this was tough, to say the least!

Of course, to promote the contest we used the power of Graydient AI, allowing contest entries from people on mobile phones without the need for GPUs, a computer, or any technical knowledge. Our social media team also used AI to generate turkeys in pirate costumes, as seen here. Having a powerful AI co-worker that can  prototype any wild idea is already changing how we work, and it’s just one of the services we provide at Graydient. Now, onwards to the contest!

Pictured above: Staff prompts in Pirate Diffusion to create social media content

Grand Prize winners

Judge’s Choice – César Onkoy – @HonkoyNFT

prompt: “/render mdjrny-v4 style /guidance:20 /strength:0.72 Thanksgiving cyberpunk turkey dinner as a pop-up diorama futuristic mythological beast christmas dinner in papercut, kawaii style, cinematic epic + rule of thirds, Hasselblad masterpiece Ouchh octane render, CGI VFX 16K, guidance:10.8, height:768, model:prompthero/openjourney, sampler:klms, seed:500078, strength:0.61, width:512])”

We are delighted to award the Judge’s prize to HonkoyNFT, which surprised the group chat as a tall Japanese tea vase with hair suddenly transformed into a cybernetic turkey at the table using PirateDiffusion’s /remix command, which allows the creator to re-prompt an image. Telegram members that joined prior to December 1st can jump to the replay here and the final remix can be studied below:

Remixing a photo is a powerful creative tool:

[one_thirds][one_third] [/one_third]


Most UpvotedHannah Sophia from GENPICS





prompt: “/render <openjourney> Turkey Dragon in the kitchen”

Hana’s series of dragon turkeys in the kitchen was, by far, the most upvoted image collection. Hana used the OpenJourney concept, which delivers a painted fantasy feel similar to Midjourney.  There are too many cool images to post here but here’s a view of the collection below. It just goes to show, you don’t need to write a monstrously long prompt to create a monster of an image, you just need a great idea and the AI can quickly fill in the blanks.

Runner ups, in no particular order

by CO.: A remix of a photo of dogs playing poker, prompt “Dogs enjoying thanksgiving dinner”

by BicolorCat – “a dragon thanksgiving meal in Elden Ring”

by Kathrene Dimaano “a giant turkey eating a human”

by Kathrene Dimaano – a schematic of a turkey

Graydient AI staff created more robot turkeys on a platter

Awkward: We couldn’t track down the anon creator, so it was disqualified from the contest. Remember to fill out your full profile when you enter a contest!

Special Thanks

We’d like to send a special thanks to the Pirate Diffusion beta testers: Taylor Sperring, Lan K–, We are Legion, Cosmos, John, Gribanov, David Uspace, Aman Verna, C O., Void, yrtmx, Balthazar, Aqi, Katherene Diamaano, Hana, Louvia Ramos, Chris, Greenbay, Jason (Appics), LP, Mell Chan, Alex P, Johnitis, Barnowl, Aman0023, honkoynft, Bicolor Catroid, Niarudi, Aqizak, Hanasopeya, Kathreneanne, Greenbayy, GroupAnonBot, internetaffin and all anons (who forgot to create a profile) that participated!

In no particular order, these were also upvoted highly:

[tnm_gallery_4 layout=”mnmd-post-media”]1369,1368,1367,1366,1365,1364,1363,1362,1361,1360,1359,1358,1357,1356,1355,1354,1353,1352,1351,1350,1349,1348,1347,1346,1345,1344,1343,1342,1341,1340,1339,1338,1337,1336,1335,1334,1333,1332,1331,1330,1329,1328,1327,1326,1325,1324,1323,1322,1321,1320,1319,1318,1317,1316,1315,1314,1313,1312,1311,1310,1309,1308,1307,1306[/tnm_gallery_4]

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