PollyGPT 3 Released, available via API, too. Train your own bots (updated)

4/18 Update Great news, everyone! PollyGPT V3 is here.  Pro and Plus Graydient users now have access to more powerful 70 billion parameter models like Llama3 and Mixtral-8x7B. Try the demo by talking to /polly3bot or edit its training and … Read More

Call for Entries – AI art book cover art challenge, $300 cash prize

Graydient Platform is best known for our Stable Diffusion API with thousands of checkpoints, loras, and textual inversion models, but did you know that we also have thousands of brilliant solo creators on the platform as well?  Our community is … Read More

Photo of a man standing in a detailed industrial complex

Try our vastly improved WebUI, reimagined from the ground up

Try our new unified editor! We heard you. Your top 3 most requested features were: (1) a web interface that does not reload when images are created, (2) displays large images in high resolution on desktop and (3) and allows … Read More

New Product Launch: Train your own Image models with LoraMaker

We’re thrilled to announce – a brand new way to create your own custom image models right from your browser or via the Graydient API within minutes, not hours or days. This service is available today and is free … Read More

More payment options for Creative Suite plans now available

By popular request – you can now subscribe to PirateDiffusion with Paypal, Direct Debit, or Credit Card as we wind down support for Patreon. If you’re an existing Patreon customer and , please contact us in VIP Chat from your … Read More

Background removal and After Detailer have arrived

For API users, Stable2go WebUI and PirateDiffusion users, you can now instantly remove or replace backgrounds in a single rapid step, automatically creating a high-quality mask. Additionally, a HEX color value can be set or the background from an unrelated … Read More

New Samplers are now available across the platform

By request, the rapid-fire LCM samplers are available for Generative Image functions across the Graydient Platform: API, Stable2go, PirateDiffusion, and other derivative apps. We’ve also added the special “Karras” mode to four existing samplers.  Learn about it on the PirateDiffusion … Read More

New VAE, HDR, and Latent Space controls added

For the discerning AI images creators that want more control, we are happy to bring you FreeU, Vass HDR color and composition correction, and a large collection of VAE that can be set at run time. Additionally, we have evaluated … Read More

PirateDiffusion Challenges

Update: Congratulations to our winners, Tomato (below) and Kurolux MKII.  A new challenge will begin shortly, please check the channel for updates. Here are the winning entries:   For Telegram users, this month PirateDiffusion exploring ephemeral concepts in the Challenges … Read More

Stable Diffusion XL models are here! ✨

You can try Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) right now from your browser or Telegram from — SDXL works across all of our apps as well as through our API. We’ve also secured additional hardware to account for the extended … Read More

PirateDiffusion turns one, PollyGPT announced

On August 22, 2022, PirateDiffusion launched as Tlack305’s hobby project. Today it’s used by thousands of people everyday in over 30 countries. There’s so many new features announced today that we we couldn’t possibly fit them all in this blog. … Read More

Side Hustles welcome: Introducing Graydient Affiliates

Introducing our Partner program – open to all individuals and businesses. Graydient has partnered with to provide third-party audited cookies and revenue attribution, meaning we cookie the user to give partners credit even if they don’t transact right away. … Read More

We want your feedback: Join our roadmap

We’ve redesigned all of our product pages to include feedback forums, roadmaps, and changelogs so you can more easily suggest new ideas an follow the things you care about. You can also subscribe and get notified by email when things … Read More

We’re Art Basel @ Black Dove Gallery

Graydient is powering an interactive Generative Art pop-up at #ArtBaselMiami (twitter) We’ll be here for three days at Black Dove Gallery, 2119 NW 2nd Ave. You can test interactive demos illustrating generative AI over QR and SMS, custom curation software … Read More

Cloud Drive update: You can add now favorites

Concept Faves are now available in My Models  You can now tag your favorite concepts and find them more easily. To begin, hit the “♥️ Fave” button in the concept browser in Stable2go and My Graydient Telegram Use also available … Read More

Textual Inversion models are here, thousands available today

For generative image use cases, we now support Textual Inversions. TIs are the fastest way to arrive at high-quality images without typing a very long negative (or giving up control to an LLM to write your prompt) Thousands of Textual … Read More