Case Study: Create an NFT collection fast and efficiently

Question: How would one create NFT art the fastest way possible? Answer: AI, of course Let’s say we we wanted to launch a collectible series about Internet Cats, and we want to create 500 unique cats by tonight. Possible? Yes, … Read More

Case Study: Launch an AI images gallery & community instantly

When Graydient launched AI images, we soon noticed that people would create more voraciously when like-minded people were in the same group chat. This isn’t exactly a revelation — niche publications about gadgets, celebrities, horror movies, fantasy sports, and anime … Read More

Case Study: On-demand AI images at physical events

Use case: Real-time, Text-to-Art Interactive Exhibit Event: Art Basel Miami 2022 @ Black Dove Gallery Integrator: Nibbl Solution: Graydient API Miami is truly in bloom in winter. While a great part of the United States is locked in the tyranny … Read More

Gallery: Thanksgiving AI render winners and runner ups announced

Back in November, we challenged the Internet to render a Thanksgiving image for cash, fortune, and fame. Creators from the Pirate Diffusion Telegram community, subreddit, and Twitter came out in full force and submitted 1,692 images! Judging this was tough, to … Read More

How to use Stable Diffusion from your mobile phone, with Telegram

Graydient provides hosted Stable Diffusion for everyday folks that just want to generate artificial intelligence artworks, and for developers that want to build their own apps and websites. This means you don’t have to buy/burn a GPU on your phone … Read More

Introducing Pirate Diffusion, a new community on Telegram

We’re proud to announce the launch of Pirate Diffusion, a new artificial intelligence artist community powered by Gradient AI.  It’s a free AI art maker with multiple rooms and and a built-in chat component. Accessibility and casual ease of use … Read More

Host your own Stable Diffusion Telegram Group

By popular request, we are bringing Graydient’s services to Telegram. Public Telegram room with filtered keywords and moderation Please see our Pirate Diffusion announcement Roll your own Telegram Bot with your own rules Beta testers in the Graydient Platform site … Read More