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Type words, get images

Our Image creator “Stable2go” has serious power. Generate high resolution AI images from text in seconds. Includes free video lessons for beginners. Already a pro? Enjoy deep features like ControlNet, IP Adapters, Loras, Lycoris XL, Textual Inversions, Latent HDR correction, After Detailer, FreeU, Karras Samplers, LPW and more.

Create AI influencers and your own chat bots

It’s hip right now: Learn how to make an AI influencer. Create truly unique AI social media influencers in any body type or ethnicity, we have tons of presets on demand. Blend them together to create your own virtual persona for social media, product photography, or train your own photos for LinkedIn headshots, virtual photography.

Blend different art styles together to create your own

Create any look using preset art styles, personas, poses and effects. Mix and match 6,000 AI models and art styles like Analog photography, Old iPhone photos style,  modern and retro anime, paintings, illustrations and more from the open-source community, and exclusives. Over 8 terabytes of content preloaded like Stable Diffusion XL, SD15, Pony, LCM, Lightning, and more. Zero boot time.

Instant FaceSwaps, create art with friends in AI group chats

We have some very powerful professional tools… and also some very silly ones. You can invite our bots to Telegram group chats and create images in groups with friends, program each other’s faces, and “faceswap” yourselves into any situation. PirateDiffusion has over 100 commands, like saving complicated prompts as reusable hashtags for impressive results on any smartphone. #awesome

Build your own Applications and Generative Websites

No-Code and REST API available. Focus on building your own AI experiences rather than running your own GPU infrastructure. Our API has tons of time-saving features and more features than you’re probably expecting like FreeU and HDR correction. Train models, Bots, edit images, and more.

Create the things that you’ve always wanted to

What's Included

Image Generator

Create amazing images with your words. Upload. Upscale. Edit anything.

Bot Trainer

Chat with leading open LLM models and create your own personalities.

AI with Friends

Add AI to your group chats for face swaps, memes, or join topics.

Model Trainer

Upload photos to create a likeness, adapt in any style.

Cloud Drive

Store and sync all images, prompts and models on the cloud across devices

No Code & API

Use our easy widgets or for developers dive into our REST API

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