How to create Widgets with Stable2go

Build your own Stable2go WebUI, no code

Widgets are push-button interfaces that make it easy to create specific things using preset prompts. 

Check the video below to learn how it works

We created lists, pulldowns, image carousels, and buttons to build a character, like in the start of a video game. A widget menu can be preloaded with settings to build logos, switch art styles, or just create convenience for your favorite models.

Do I need to learn programming?

Nope!  It’s just a spreadsheet. Just upload and go. If you’re a coder, check out our full REST API for more customization.

Use cases

  • Create a widget that spawns monsters dynamically when playing IRL board games
  • Create a sticker printing kiosk with preset decal options
  • Save time by presetting all of your favorite prompt ideas to mix and match
  • When creating large widgets, it’s best to test them a few rows at a time to spot conflicts easier
  • Create a custom Stable Diffusion website business

How to Create a Widget

  1. Click on this template and make a copy or download it as a CSV (comma delimited)
  2. Click your avatar on the top right
  3. Open My Spaces in My.Graydient
  4. With your space open (for example: add this to the URL /dashboard/widgets
  5. With Excel or Google Sheets, customize your Widget and download it as a CSV. Add your favorite prompts as inputs as shown in the template. Pay close attention to the types and group numbers.
  6. Upload your CSV and test!  That’s all there is to it. You can create as many widgets as many times as you’d like.

Figure 1: Your private Widgets Dashboard


Figure 2: Validate and Launch your Widget!


Figure 3: Widgets also work in PirateDiffusion Telegram

You don’t have to create a second widget for Telegram chats – simply type the /widgets command

To make your widget private, use the spaces manager to limit where the UI can appear

The widgets menu options are automatically converted into buttons for you, there’s no code or anything else to do. Just press the buttons and enjoy your generative experience.  

Troubleshooting & known bugs

  • Remember that SD15 and SDXL models don’t mix, so it’s best to create widgets in only one family
  • Before exporting your CSV, make sure you don’t have extra spreadsheet tabs. Only a single spreadsheet per widget
  • To override a widget, simply export the CSV with the exact name of the widget and upload that. It will replace the previous version
  • Make sure all of your positive and negative tags and other syntax are closed, as it may cause image quality issues.