Organize: Keep your workflow tidy with topics, web folders

Prerequisites: You’ll need a Graydient account as well as a Telegram account

If you don’t want to use Telegram, switch over to Stable2go – our Web UI. PirateDiffusion works with or and the standalone app.  The standalone app version is recommended; it’s much faster.

* * *

Lesson Goals

In this tutorial, we’ll show how to setup your PirateDiffusion Bot, create your first realistic images, and keep your image collection tidy. We’ll show you how to make this realistic-looking Instagram model in just a few steps.

You can do this from your smartphone or desktop pc, it’s just as fast either way.

Living the PirateDiffusion AI van life


PirateDiffusion is a Telegram bot that is integrated with Graydient Drive, so your Telegram-created images are saved locally on your device but also always backed up to the cloud. This means that you can also access your images from other Graydient apps, like Stable2go, which is a web editing app that’s also included with your account.  You can begin an image on PirateDiffusion and then take it into Stable2go, or vice versa.  It’s quite convenient.

Step 1.  Launch PirateDiffusion

Login to and click the PirateDiffusion icon.  It’s located on the far top right.

Step 2.  Link Telegram to Graydient

Follow the activation steps to link your web account to your Telegram account.  After you’ve activated, you can launch PirateDiffusion directly from Telegram.  You only have to do this once.

Step 3.  Click the start button

Then hit the start button on the top right corner, as shown below

If the Start button does not appear, you can also send a /start command in the chat.  All PirateDiffusion commands begin with a forward slash.

Next, type /debug to make sure the bot says pro-pro or plus.  This means 18+ over mode is unlocked and you will not see ads.  If it says “free” and you’ve upgraded to an all-access plan,  please contact us.

The other numbers shown here are helpful when contacting support, but you’ll never need them otherwise.

Step 4.  Create a draft

PirateDiffusion has hundreds of possible commands as well as many time-saving programmable macros that makes (see the Recipes icon in your MyGraydient, pictured above) it easy and fast to create images over chat.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Start an image using /render
  • Type in the words that you want to see
  • Try the #boost recipe
/render a 25 year old blonde woman, Instagram influencer, living the travel van lifestyle #boost

And hit send.

Note that commands start with slashes and recipes start with hashtags.  #Boost is just one example recipe that adds simple negative prompts to boost quality and get better anatomy in our images, instead of writing a long “prompt engineering” paragraph every time. You can create your own recipes and browse from hundreds of community created ideas, check our tutorials to learn how.

When the command is accepted, a debug message will appear confirming that it was received. You can silence these messages after you’ve got the hang of it. The debug message has some handy features like time estimates, favorite buttons, and a quick upscale button called “high def”

You can turn off debug messages with /settings /silent:on

Quick tips:

  • The order of words matters.  Move the most important ideas to the front
  • Only use one recipe at a time, they tend to conflict with each other

After just a few seconds, your images will appear, typically in a batch of five. The /render command returns a “draft” quality image in 512×512 unless you make a recipe or add other commands asking it to higher.

This is not the final image quality, this is a draft.

These are just drafts. You can upscale these


PirateDiffusion tries to send you as many pictures as possible within 60 seconds.  You can batch up to 9 images at a time in 512×512 resolution, and then upscale them beyond 4k quality.You can manually set the resolution and fidelity with the size and steps commands, covered in detail in the upscaler tutorial.

If you’re interested in creating a reusable consistent character, check the Characters and Poses tutorials

Optional: Organize your files

Our system gives you many ways to assert control of where all of your files go. It can get gnarly fast as our system is unlimited and sending you hundreds if not thousands of images.  Think about how you would best want to structure the kinds of things you create, to make them easier to find in the future.  We provide a few tools and strategies:

Simple local storage on your device

You can reply* to an image with /download to get the full resolution image. Telegram is compressing images to JPG, so the /download command bypasses this  (*reply to a photo as if you’re going to send it a text)

When a render is completed, the images are sent to two places:

Edit your Telegram Settings to manage your storage.  There is an intuitive media gallery within Telegram which includes basic image editing like cropping and color tone adjustment, you can do that right from the phone app (Some features might not be available on Win/Mac)

Tap the top of the screen to see a local gallery. I make many silly things


Cloud Storage – Your Graydient Cloud drive

The Cloud Drive is its own application with various features that may not be apparent at first.  You can not only save and organize your folders, but also track your favorite models and set your favorite art style so you don’t have to choose that model every time.  Learn more about Graydient Cloud Drive

If you lose your phone, you still have all of your images, and when you start an image on your phone you don’t have to send it to your computer, just login to your account. To access this feature, login to and click on My Images or use the shortcut command within Telegram: our Web User Interface, aka webui


The list of WebUIs is also called list of “community spaces” – creation areas for specific tasks, like the LoraMaker model sharing space or the PirateDiffusion demo.  It may look like this:

There are over 10,000 spaces created by the community

You may also see an “unnamed community” — this is for API developers that want to use our service to launch their own generative websites which corresponds to an /archive command. Learn more about B2B / API

Click on My Graydient space then My Images

Second from the left. Your Telegram images can be organized here, too

You can also access it from the top menu, under Images

Suggested: Telegram Folder management

Want to get super organized in Telegram?  It has a topics feature. You can use it to make a bunch of isolated chats with your bot that live under one “group” even though its just you and the bot.

You can have all of your images in one gallery, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But for people making hundreds of images everyday, this can get gnarly. Create a group with @piratediffusion_bot instead and you can turn on Telegram’s Topics feature

This is the Telegram app’s group create function. On PC it appears in the pencil icon. On mobile, click the main menu and Create Group

Why create a group with your bot?

You can create convenient topics right within Telegram or entire separate groups that your friends can join to use the bot together. Search for @piratediffusion_bot  <– mind that underscore_bot part

Invite the bot, create the group, edit the group, and turn on Topics

My personal @piratediffusion_bot looks like this:

Now you can now create an unlimited number of topics that are relevant to you, and organize your projects neatly in Telegram.  You can also create a project in your Cloud Drive and only send the “keeper” images into those projects, instead of having to sort through hundreds of drafts images all of the time.  This setup might seem a bit much, but it will save you time in the long run. And those are the basics!

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