WordPress Support


To use the WordPress integration system, you should have:

  • Administrator-level access to your WordPress site,
    meaning that you are able to upload themes and plugins,
  • A Graydient API Key or Community id (starts with a “C”),
  • A ZIP file containing the Graydient Plug-in,
  • Confirmation that your domain name was whitelisted

Please contact us for help with these materials.

Overview of Functionality

To use Graydient services in WordPress, we have developed a custom plugin that provides the following functionality:

Prompt Shortcode

This allows you to render the Graydient.AI image creation prompt as an IFRAME on any WordPress page

Latest Posts

This allows you to pull recent renders (groups of generated images with a prompt) onto your page dynamically

Installing The Plug-in

First, navigate to the Plugins section of WordPress

Then hit Upload Plug-in:

And upload the ZIP file that you were given when your license was granted.

Shortcode Capabilities

[grai_prompt] – Draw <IFRAME> rendering prompt


[grai_prompt community=”C-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”]


[grai_latest] – Display latest posts


[grai_latest community=”C-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”]


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