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API Pricing

Why Graydient is different:

  • No Yo-Yos. We’re full speed, at all times. Your customers never suffer boot-up times or performance rollercoasters. You will always deliver world-class service.


  • Top shelf. We only run on top hardware from Nvidia with a minimum of 24GB per box, auto-scaled to your rules. You’ll never get a surprise API bill from a traffic spike.

  • The most models. Over 5000 loras and fine-tunes. We are working hard to include all of the best open source models and techniques. Check our roadmap.


  • Predicable costs. There’s no complicated per-second pricing and hardware clauses, you can easily forecast your costs. Your finance person will thank you for it.


  • Whole business templates.  Test your use case with one with a hosted site template, and add custom code as you grow. There’s no messy data migration, it’s one unified system. We’re adding more templates all the time.

Get up to $2,000 free credits

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed, No long term contracts.

Focus on your business, not your infrastructure.

Chat with one of our developers:

Graydient was extremely helpful through the development phase and we're up and running already, much appreciated

Product Manager

I made so many sales by week two, with no development cost, so this worked out perfectly. And now I'm back for V2

Small Business Owner

Custom development and model training is available: