Telegram: Models

This feature is experimental.

For 99.9% of people, what you are looking for is the models in the concepts system.

We have documentation on these kinds:

  1. Dreambooth models
    (such as uploading many photos of your face)
  2. External Models, the most popular “concept” type
    (such as Huggingface URLs as Open Diffusion, Waifu Diffusion, etc)

For everyone else, let’s look at the models in the system. This is an undocumented feature for beta testing at this moment.

To begin, type the /models command:


You will see the following list:

sdv15, pdc06, pdc07-10k, pdc07-15k, pdc08-20k, pdc08-30k, pdc08-40k, pdc09-10k, pdc09-20k, pdc09-30k, pdc09-40k

Use /render /model:sdv15 (followed by your prompt) to change model and send a render on the fly.

/render /model:sdv15 my sister as a bodybuilder