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If you haven’t created a membership yet: Please Register directly on our website

Not to throw the fine folks at Patreon under the bus… but that’s a big site and unfortunately their API does go down from time to time.  Please contact us for an immediate refund and, if you’re in a hurry please purchase a subscription by Paypal or Credit on our  our the Graydient website insteadWe promise you won’t be double-billed or we’ll eat our shoes.

We’ve heard of this rare bug recently and are working to solve it asap. Despite that pesky error message, try sending yourself a Magic Link

If that doesn’t work, please contact support

If you’ve already activated your account, you can send yourself a Magic Link directly to your email address. If the email does not arrive, check your spam folder or try a different email. (Please login to Patreon and see what email you have on file, it’s probably that one). If it still doesn’t arrive, please contact us right away via Telegram Support Chat or via email: [email protected]

There is a Groups button on the My.Graydient dashboard

After that, open the Topics and you’ll find a map and description of the public rooms.

Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Look up your Patreon account’s email, and copy it. You’ll need it in step 4
  2. Click on
  3. Type /start
  4. Type /email and paste your email here.  Example:  /email [email protected] the email matches a Patreon email, you’ll be automatically activated. If it still doesn’t work, keep reading.
  5. Type /activate and follow the link’s instructions
  6. If the bot is still not activated, please type /debug.  If it says free-free, our API is having trouble reaching Patreon, typically during high-traffic hours or bad network conditions this can occur.  You’re doing everything right, it can’t be helped.If this is the case, copy the entire debug block, and contact us at the information below.

Can we help with something else?  Contact us:

Please let us know via Telegram Support Chat or via email: [email protected]