Search prompts in Stable Diffusion with History

History in Stable2Go WebUI

When using Stable Diffusion via, you can see a quick list of your most recent prompts by clicking advanced and the history button, shown in the screenshot below.  To see a longer list of your history, click on Your Archive on the top of the page, and you can search your entire prompt history there and sort by image and chronological order, create folders and more.

Telegram Chat Bot Commands

When using Stable Diffusion via, you can get a quick look at your recent actions with the history command:


Looking for an old image or prompt?  In Telegram, you can also add a word behind the history tab to search for it in your recent prompts:

/history (your search term)

Or maybe a Telegram image that never arrived?  Sometimes large images don’t get through over chat, but our software might have finished the image.  History will show you links to the web UI so you can pick it up.

History, but with Privacy

History is a channel-specific search and recent files list.  Only you can see your @piratediffusion_bot history

Don’t hesitate to use it in a group setting.

It will only show what you have done in a channel, so it will only show things you’ve already done in public in that channel. It’s not going to reveal our private bot history.