Project organization for your images

This is a brand new feature in beta, only available in Telegram

You can now push your images into folders, and they will appear in a folder list on your web gui after a telegram command.  This is the early start of a folder manager for your web gui, so this feature may change



/projects (or /prj for short, it does the same thing)


This will  list of all your existing projects along with a link to your website to view contents of a project

Create a new project with

/project /new:my-project-name

(Important note: Project names cannot contain spaces or underscores)

When rendering, associate your new work with a project with

/render my prompt etc details here /project:my-project-name

You can also respond to an image that has already been rendered with

/project my-project-name to associate it with a new project

BTW: For convenience and saving your fingers, you can use the shortcut name

/prj in place of /project

This feature will evolve over time, these are the beginnings.