PirateDiffusion Content Guidelines

PirateDiffusion Content Guidelines

Updated 11/16/2023

This content policy is a living document. It is modified based on community feedback. Join us in VIP chat to discuss!

Be cool, be considerate

Our goal is to provide a safe space for many kinds of fantasy content, even if it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We cater to many kinds of creators. Our system hosts an extensive library of fantasy and NSFW content from many countries.  We try to strike a good balance of respecting different kinds of viewpoints, cultures, and sexual preferences. We will not remove lawful content that some people find offensive as long as it is lawful.
For example, we have a lot LGBTQ+ content. If that’s something you don’t want to see, we have specific groups for it and you can avoid it. We’re trying to make this work for everyone.
That said, there’s a fine line between fantasy content for one’s personal enjoyment and content that might be against the law in your hometown. These content guidelines are for everyone’s protections — ours and yours.

Examples of what’s OK 

We publish a wide range of content that’s also inline with other social media platforms. This keeps our own policies in check for sanity. These subreddits are filled with PirateDiffusion creations:

Weeb stuff

If you can picture a red-face police officer coming over to your house and taking a chunk of time out of their day to deal with what’s on your computer instead of dealing with real criminals, maybe rethink your life priorities.
If the cops don’t care, it’s OK. That’s the rule.

Public figures

Some stuff is fine.  Photoshopped memes of celebrities, some skirting on good taste, have been created since the day the Internet was made. The fact that AI saves a few steps hasn’t changed the law. So because of this, we try to have some leniency. If you really want to see  crazy stuff in your own private space, by all means go ahead. You do you. We will take down any content if asked by that person, of course.

But please do us all a favor: Whatever or Whoever you are into, do it for your own personal enjoyment, in your private drive, and don’t go sharing it on social media for cash or internet points. And that’s the rule — don’t make people feel bad. In the case of sites like Reddit or services like Discord, they’ll ban all of us asap.
See rule#1 – Be cool.
What is NOT OK is distributing deepfake content, especially porn. In some areas like California this actually carries heavy fines, so please be careful. You can get in trouble with your local area for certain kinds of content. So please, use your common sense. Will Smith eating spaghetti is probably fine.


We don’t look at your private uploads, but we do block uploads in public groups for your protection. We don’t want to look at your private photos, either. Please don’t upload photos that don’t belong to you, that’s all there is to it.

No underage 
Underage prompts trigger an automated nudge to our moderation staff, and we review accounts on a case by case basis to make sure nobody gets in trouble over a false positive.

  • Privately created models using Graydient Catalog / Graydient Model Maker will be scanned
  • 3rd party loaded models from sites like Civitai and Huggingface are also scanned

These are the early days of AI and there’s a lot to discuss and figure out, we’re sensitive to this and don’t kneejerk ban people. We review account intent history.
Nude or suggestive images of children will not be tolerated in group or private spaces. It doesn’t matter if its a fake person, real person, illustrated, anime, or 3d cgi, there are laws against this. What specifically isn’t ok:

  • Toddler models of any kind are not allowed
  • Age Slider LoRAs are specifically over-monitored for abuse
  • Loli/JS/JD/JK/etc
  • Iffy chibi/doll models

We’re aware that there are legit use cases for these, but unfortunately some bad eggs ruined it for everyone.

Triggering content

Keep your religious renders private, whatever you believe in.
Please think twice about gaslighting cultures, religious people, such as those people whose families have been impacted by the Holocaust, the war in Ukraine, recent immigration policies, and so on.
Look, we get it. We all have rendered The Pope wearing something stupid. But it would be in bad taste to take that too far, too often. Beyond the novelty gag here and there, we don’t particularly condone any kind of religious rendering in public groups.
Think twice about rendering:

  • Nationalist themes aka “alternative” history
  • Racist themes and iconography (nazi, etc)
  • Prompts that make fun of minorities
  • Fake News
  • Gore

That said, we don’t really care if you’re making Satanic dance sex raves or hot WW2 waifus in your own private channel. But in a public group, it’s going to trigger someone, so don’t.

Everything else

Case by case. Just use your common sense on what should be public and what is OK in groups and you’ll be fine!

We surely missed some things, so we’ll keep this document updated.

If you see something, say something

We keep all reported incidents private: [email protected]

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