How I made the statue of liberty one leg up image with AI, and the birth of our NSFWdalle subreddit

Ok so I don’t have a web page for NSFWdalle yet so we have to host it here lol
I’m a Stable Diffusion addict, I use it everyday for hours and hours when I’m not doing tech support for it. Lately I got into a thing called LoRAs which stands for Low-Rank Adaptation, which is a fancy way of saying that you can build an AI model from a few pictures and it crunches it into a tiny file that force other AI models into doing something. Which brings us to the state of liberty one leg up.

This is what “mating press” usually produces LOL

First, I got the model called <mating-press> which is a dominant sexual position where the guy’s dong is crushing it downwards on the butt and you see the other’s facial expression. This model is mostly used for Hentai so I thought it would be hilarious for a statue. When using a LoRA you have to read the instruction book like you’re programming a VCR because that shit will not do what you want unless you use the exact trigger words.

This is how LoRA triggers work:

Pictured: You can use our concepts browser to figure how to Trigger LoRAs right

I then used a base model called <revani> which is an anime and semi-realistic model as the “base” model, so that’s where the overall aesthetic comes from. I didn’t use a realistic model because anime-based AI models are way easier to prompt for as they have a wider range of ridiculous situations.
The unhinged prompts went something like:
/render The (((statue of liberty))) is getting fucked hard <mating-press><revani>
The render command can be pasted into Pirate Diffusion or remove it if you’re using something like Auto1111 on your pc. Pirate is a Telegram Stable Diffusion bot that we do GPU hosting for, it’s hilarious. But where is the dong?
I didn’t put in all the triggers for <mating-press> like turning on the option for the guy to appear, so the result is…

this one was too hot for /r/weirddalle, I dont want to get banned again…

this one glitched a little, which is fixable by lowering guidance…

and then here we have it, after upscaling it… perfection.

Look, five fingers, bitches!  And she’s got a little clone, even.

And that is the birth of our sub.  We started /r/nsfwdalle today

I’ll post more pictures on Reddit after our sub gets approved

Try the AI software that we do GPU hosting for if you want, no hard sale 😉