Copying things from rooms/groups

Our software can be used in both groups and privately, so we are challenged how time savers like prompt templates could serve both.  Our first solution was to create the styles system save time writing your favorite prompts. Nobody can see your styles, unless you add them in a room.

Copy allows people to share styles, and move them to other rooms.

How to use Copy

Enter a group and type

/styles /list

To see the details of a style, type

/styles /show:name


The copy code is shown at the bottom.  Try it, copy this stype:

/styles /copy:S87qzWX

Copy it to your @piratediffusion_bot (or any room) and you’re done!

Copy also appears when looking at a /concept, but concepts are now preinstalled for you. This is only used for debugging.

Early Preview of Recipes

Forget Copy and migrate 

The styles system is too much work for a lot of people, so we’ve created a newer ubiquous recipes system, which is like styles + concepts + settings all rolled up into one global command.

Recipes are in beta, but you can try them out right now

Usage:  /render /recipe:name

No copy needed!  It works everywhere