Getting into your web ui and gallery

Type /webui in Telegram, and it will return a link that logs you in.

FIX IT: Does your gallery still say free / upgrade to pro?

Some browsers block our cookie, but you can force it with this trick:

  • Click Profile
  • Click Switch Account
  • Enter your email address
  • Send yourself a 2FA link


Your login is actually the 2FA login link described above. Passwords are not for your account.  They are for sharing your gallery privately with people in your inner circle, so others can’t find it. This means someone with your password can browse your images, but not change or create any.

To set a password, set it with a colon, like this:

/community /password:ABC1234

In that example, I have reset my password to ABC1234.

If it says “you are wrong” please try typing it in slowly instead of pasting it, and watch out for spaces and special characters, or a trailing space at the end. This sometimes happens if you are using a character set that isn’t US/UK English. Please contact us if you cannot login.

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