Call for Entries – AI art book cover art challenge, $300 cash prize

Graydient Platform is best known for our Stable Diffusion API with thousands of checkpoints, loras, and textual inversion models, but did you know that we also have thousands of brilliant solo creators on the platform as well?  Our community is … Read More

PirateDiffusion Challenges

Update: Congratulations to our winners, Tomato (below) and Kurolux MKII.  A new challenge will begin shortly, please check the channel for updates. Here are the winning entries:   For Telegram users, this month PirateDiffusion exploring ephemeral concepts in the Challenges … Read More

API V3: Over 5,000 fine-tuned generative models on demand

We’ve updated our V3 documents to support new activities Check our the V3 Documentation site No hidden fees. No penalties. No contracts. Graydient Platform hosts the very best Open Source LLM and Generative Image models from Stable Diffusion, in addition … Read More