Brand Style Guide

About the Graydient AI logomark (TM)

We are futurists working with the artificial, but still human. For now.

Download High-Resolution Graydient AI logo

Within it, we sometimes see the sun, a seashell, fantasy airline, window blinds, or maybe what we were really shooting for was logo that’s a ’57 Chevy’s bumper at the bottom-right of a swimming pool under the search spotlight of a helicopter. Sure, why not? It’s all of those things.


Our font is RUBIK.  Get it here

Graydient Purple is #8224E3.

Graydient “Metallic Wave Art” download


For all corporate communications, our logo should always appear as either black-and-white, or inverse white-on-black if you must. White is preferred. Please do not use other color marks when describing Graydient AI.


Our brand mark takes on different colors for Internal Only uses.

For example, our “Beginner” and “Tutorial” content appears in Magenta:

On technical documents, such as developer tutorials, we use green tones: