My.Graydient Cloud Drive FAQ

A place to organize your images, projects and prompts

Login to MyGraydient to use it

Every app on Graydient uses your Graydient Cloud Drive to store and sync your activities.  It is currently available in 15GB, 50GB, and 200GB capacity. Start a free 7-day trial to create yours.

What you can do: 

  • Start something on WebUI and edit it in Telegram, and vice versa
  • Save your favorite models, and set one as the default model
  • Creating #recipes to make typing prompts shorter
  • Seeing your images from both Web and Telegram in one place
  • Create project folders
  • Search and tag prompts
  • Manage your catalog of images for creating fine-tune models
  • Deleting unwanted images

The software has been redesigned since we created this FAQ, but the same principles still apply.

Login to your Dashboard

You’ll find My Images, My Models, and My Spaces in your dashboard, among other tools.

Click My Images

Archive Storage

Archive currently comes with 15GB, 50GB and 200GB. There are no overage storage fees, you simply need to clean your drafts from time to time, or upgrade to a larger plan if you need more space. Please contact us if you need more than 200GB.

Quick Telegram Shortcut

Click on your 1:1 chat with your bot (it doesn’t work in shared groups or private 1:1 groups) and type the command:


If you are participating in many groups in Telegram, try this command instead


This will display the “spaces” that you belong to.  For most people, click the my.graydient space. (If you are building your own application with our API, the Unnamed Community is your personal copy of Stable2go)

Organizing and Deleting Files

Telegram version

You can delete files directly from Telegram by replying to the picture (like you’re going to talk to the picture) and then type /delete, like this:

That not only clears it from Telegram, but it also deletes it from your Archive and off of our servers, permanently. It’s gone for good.

To launch the web browser version for easier file management, type the archive command in Telegram


You can also find this in My.Graydient – My Images

You can group your images by project, concept/models, tasks, date, batches of renders, and make folders.

See those little checkboxes?

Each thumbnail represents an individual render group, which typically contains 5 images or more. Toggle “Group” to see each individual image instead, or can click into each render group to fan out the files. To interact with a file, click the Checkboxes.

To move or delete files, click the Organize button that appears at the bottom of the page when images are selected.

The combined file sizes of the selected files are shown on the left.

Clicking organize allows you to move your files into projects. A new project folder can be created right there. Or you can click Delete and the “I’m sure” confirmation box to nuke them forever.

You can also create and manage projects in Telegram like this:


PirateDiffusion Projects management

Use a reply command to file your images, or create new project folders with a chat command.  This is sync’ed to your Graydient Cloud Drive, the same project folders will appear in My Graydient.


Stable2go image organization

When using Stable2go, you can select the project that the image renders into.  Choosing a project will send new renders into that folder preemptively without having to My Images to organize them


This concludes the overview of file management.  Also see: Setting up Topics in PirateDiffusion


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