Roast your friends with an AI group chat Telegram Bot

Graydient was founded by a group of friends who just wanted to make funny pictures in a group chat to make studying Generative AI less boring. We still use this everyday, because the AI can be so surprising and entertaining sometimes.  The examples below were created in roughly 20 seconds without any prior face training, these are quick sketches:

Launch an AI group chat with your friends right now

And unlike other “face maker” programs, this is a general purpose AI. You can still use it to summon any picture that comes to mind. So if someone says something funny in the group chat, you can visualize that thing right now.

You can basically use our supercomputers to invent personalized memes. Why not.
– The Management

So if your buddy Joe says, this bread tastes like rubber, you can intantly send him a shoe made out of bread. We have the technology.

How to roast your friends with AI images

Someone can upload any photo, like a silly selfie.

And now everyone in the group chat select that photo and hit /remix and type what they want that photo to become, and in 20 seconds or less, you have the results.

Turn your friends into cartoons, turn yourself into a zombie, insert a celebrity sitting next to you, whatever. The only limit is your imagination.

For groups, yourself, or both in private

You can use it 1:1, or add it to a group.  For developers, you can request an API key and build your own bot or app with all of this already done for you.  The Graydient Platform is designed to enable this anywhere.


Launch an AI group chat with your friends right now