Cataloging: How to train AI to generate uploaded photos using Stable Diffusion

What if the image you want is not in an AI?

For example, a major news event from last night, someone who suddenly famous (or infamous), your best friend, or your company logo. There are a number of ways to tackle this problem, but most are expensive or require a technical setup locally.

That’s where Graydient AI Catalog comes in.

Catalog is a quick and direct way to teach our AI about the things that most matter to use, and make those results only available to you or your group, in your private building space.


Teaching AI to create images about current events as they happen: Simply attach a group of photos and describe what you see. With only a small number of images, our App can deliver brand new images about what you described.

New and ancient things aside, catalog is also great for the unpopular. For example, making sure the fine details of your hobby are well documented, like cataloguing a D-list video game villain. No dry bones will be left behind:

Graydient AI’s catalog feature is available right now.

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