API V3: Over 5,000 fine-tuned generative models on demand

We’ve updated our V3 documents to support new activities

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No hidden fees. No penalties. No contracts.

Graydient Platform hosts the very best Open Source LLM and Generative Image models from Stable Diffusion, in addition to convenient tooling and content safety. We invite you explore these features though our original software products in My.Graydient or start building using our REST API. Check our FAQ for more details


Less than $0.01 per image, up to 9 per call.


  • Turnkey Solution. Code your own, or resell our finished apps. Supports prompts in 50 languages out of the box.
  • Built for speed. Power your project with SDXL, Stable Diffusion 1.5, guide and launch modern LLMs, and more
  • No boot time, no waiting. Our REST API is always on, high availability guaranteed with Enterprise plans

99% Uptime since 2022

Custom Development is available. We can build your entire AI image solution, including credit card payments.


Graydient was extremely helpful through the development phase and we’re up and running already, much appreciated

Mav, Product Manager

I made so many sales by week two, with no development cost, so this worked out perfectly. And now I’m back for V2

Jesse, Small Business Owner