Case Study: Launch an AI images gallery & community instantly

When Graydient launched AI images, we soon noticed that people would create more voraciously when like-minded people were in the same group chat. This isn’t exactly a revelation — niche publications about gadgets, celebrities, horror movies, fantasy sports, and anime have die-hard followings in magazine, video, and blog format. So why wouldn’t collecting and creating images be any different?

Case Study: Connecting Like-Minded Fans

To demonstrate the power of this idea, we created, a free AI image maker trained by fans with deep familiarity of the subject matter. They created an AI model with styles made popular by Ghibli Studio (Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle), MadHouse Studio, and notable artists like Makoto Shinkai. Additionally, we sourced popular models from the internet like Anything V3, Waifu Diffusion, Wa-Vy Diffusion, and others.

In literally five minutes, we launched a system that generated beautiful, high-quality anime images that could be collected and created by visitors of the website. It features both an instant image creator on the website, fully featured profiles, a likes, dislikes, banned keywords, and perhaps expectantly, is also linked to our Telegram AI Chat bot so anime fans can render from their mobile phones, and all of it syncs to their web galleries.

For monetization, we could have turned on ads while images were being created, but we gated access to some features and encouraged them to become Patrons instead. With the trap ready, we invited our followers from social media to come and community play.


Prompt: Godzilla talking to a girl on top of a building |

In its seminal week, we attracted 113 daily users that created 17,000 images, and sold a dozen “pro” memberships to the service, a turnkey business that is already turning a profit. More builders are arriving. In the hands of a skilled publisher, influencer, or creator these metrics would be blown away in a minute.

Unsurprisingly, anime forums posted about it and we are seeing waves of new signups everyday. Not bad for a product demo and instant lifestyle business. The launch has already paid for itself in its first week, and with more optimization it should only become cool and profitable.

This is also a humble case study of a startup business finding it’s product fit. Graydient went from 70 accounts to 230 accounts since this product has launched. The launch was good anime fans and also good for us for us, good for them. And we can’t wait to show you what our other publishers are up to in a future blog, once their fresh paint dries.

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